Handheld Shower Set

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The best Handheld shower set




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Treat Yourself with The Ultimate Shower Experience!

Imagine you enter to a deluxe spa-like shower experience!

Rejuvenate yourself with a high-pressure shower that will recharge you with new energies after a tiring day

Handheld set


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Why Buy Happy-li’s Premium Handheld Shower Set?

✔ Deluxe Design – ultra-thin stylish design, shiny, rectangular showerhead, that will improve your bathroom décor.

✔ High-Efficient & Multi Use – Ideal for all your family needs, with its precise and high-pressure water jets, it makes it fun to wash your kids and pets. And make it very easy to clean your bathroom.

 Durability – made from top quality stainless steel 304 reliably for Anti-Corrosion, making sure the set will be a long-lasting accessory.

 Treat Yourself– Sooth your stiff muscles, leave your pores breathing, boost your blood circulation and immersed in a world of relaxation.

Reap the benefits of a high-efficiency shower head that will awaken your senses!

Package Include:

 Shower Head  Highest quality, made from Stainless Steel 304, with premium silicone nozzles.

✔ Shower Hose – Flexible, made from Stainless Steel 304, 59” long, solid with anti-wind function which makes the hose stable during shower

Bracket mount made from Brass with chrome cover extra strong and you dont need to drill in your tiles.


Shower hand set